Wind Up Socket Concept Timer

Here is an interesting concept that allows the user to save energy, the easy way.

Think of it as a power strip made up of egg timers. Even if you’re too young to know what an egg timer is, you can still figure out how to use it. Just turn it to the proper setting, and it will tick down until the bell goes off. It’s technology that has been almost completely replaced with digital clocks. My children have never seen one, I’m sure.

The Wind up Socket is designed to save energy by plugging in your device, and then turning it to the time that you want it to run. It’s perfect for devices that don’t need to be always plugged in.

The Wind Up Socket is so easy that even your grandmother can use it. I realize that this could come across as a slam to most senior citizens, but hey, just watch her try to program a VCR. She still hasn’t figured out that the VCR has been replaced by DVR. She probably still uses egg timers, though.

Of course, this looks like an easy way to get your cords tangled up, doesn’t it? That seems like an obvious design flaw in an otherwise good-intentioned idea from designers Dongwon Joo and Jieun Choi. Perhaps that figure out another way of doing this idea by simply putting dials near the plugs, not as the plugs.