NeuroSky Brain Computer Interface takes to the stage


The Game Developers Conference (GDC) was more than stellar with the presence of Silicon Valley-based NeuroSky Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Technologies, thanks to the latter’s range of technology which promises to revolutionize the traditional gaming paradigm, enhance interactivity and in many instances, add further evidence to the increase of mental health benefits when it comes to game play. Those who attended GDC will be able to experience the efforts that developers are making to ride the wave of the next revolution in gaming via brainwave integration. Apart from that, NeuroSky’s new bio-command features and next generation headset which were specially designed for gamers were also unveiled, alongside a developer program which will support third party developers in creating or enhancing BCI applications.

Among the new applications demonstrated by a fistful of NeuroSky’s partners will feature games within the iPhone and cellphone industry, serious, casual and educational, as well as market research applications. Of course, what is the point of attending GDC as an exhibitor if you do not have any new products up for review? NeuroSky’s latest product announcements include the Mindset Wave Brain Gaming Headset, where this gamer-centric headset is capable of delivering a lower price point and imaginative new features. Being a snap to wear while being extremely lightwight, it will be able to fit securely to enable an active gaming experience. You can opt for wireless or self-pairing USB connectivity for an effortless setup. Depending on volume and bundling options, the Mindset Wave Brain Gaming Headset is going for $49 to $99, shipping before the frantic Christmas 2010 holiday season begins.

Another interesting device would be what they call the Zone Meter. Gamers will be able to identify with athletes when it comes to ‘the zone’, since sometimes you are placed in a situation where all of your shots hit the target, not to mention you can pull off a variety of moves flawlessly without taking a single mos-step. For the first time, ‘the zone’ can be quantified and harnessed, thanks to a proprietary combination of mental attention with balanced relaxation in order to open up a whole new dimension in video games. Looks like gaming has just become a whole lot more scientific, eh?

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