Novel Games e-card service has 3D animation support

Who sends greeting cards anymore these days? Well, it is really hard to say, but we’re pretty sure that the electronic version of such cards are picking up in popularity over its paper counterpart. Well, Novel Games is ready to rock and roll with a brand new e- card service which is available on their website, where these e-cards will comprise of 3D animation that will actually make them look as well as feel just like real cards. Apart from that, another twist has been thrown into the mix – Novel Games ensures that the recipient will have an extremely interesting time of opening the card in order to view the message inside; you will first have to play a game. This does sound rather opportunistic for some since those games will probably come with some sort of advertisement bar at the bottom, but at least it beats polluting the environment with more paper many years down the road, not to mention that virtual storage saves physical space as well! After all, this ought to leave room for a couple more boxes in your attic, eh?

Unlike traditional e-cards which are more or less all similar, where you see an animation followed by the sender’s message, Novel Games’ e-cards take a different route by resembling actual cards. You first receive an envelope which will be opened by eager mouse clicks, followed by taking the card out. Flip the card over to the other side and you can check out a message from the sender, while opening the card will reveal a secondary message as well. All flipping and opening of the cards will be presented in 3D animations in order to make the e-card pretty much like an actual card, although roaches won’t be able to feast on this one.

Just to make the entire experience all the more compelling, Novel Games have thrown in a small game inside every e-card. An interesting aspect about this game would be setting the criteria by the sender for the recipient to meet or exceed before the card can be opened. Take for example, achieving a score of over 10,000 before the card can be opened and read. This adds a new layer of challenge to the recipient, and it offers a slew of interaction between sender and recipient compared to a standard e-card experience. Sending an e-card is a snap – all you need to do is choose a design, pick out one game from over 200, write a couple of messages, set the criteria and send!

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