Universal Drying Appartus for shoes and more

by Ally

Boot and shoe dryers are definitely convenient, but they only work for your shoes.  It seems like a waste of money to spend your hard earned money on a gadget with only one function.  Instead you need something like this Universal Drying Apparatus.  Instead of just drying just your shoes it can handle other things like your clothing or even your umbrella.  It’s definitely a must have gadget for the rain filled season we’re about to begin.

The device has adjustable arms that allow for it to work in more ways than one.  Adjust the arms and it holds your umbrella, move them around again and the dryer will hover over your shoes.  Not only does it dry off your clothing, umbrellas and accessories, but it also can dry out seeds and berries.  It’s definitely a more useful gadget to have around.  This design by Olga Kalugina is unfortunately still in the concept phase though.

Source: Ubergizmo

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