OCZ expands SSD line with Onyx SATA II


OCZ Technology is a name that everyone is familiar with when it comes to storage for computing systems, and this time round we have their latest release which comes in the form of the OCZ Onyx SATA II 2.5″ SSD series, which is actually an extremely affordable Multi Level Cell (MLC)-based solid state storage solution that was specifically designed for consumers who are looking for the best bang for their buck when it comes to flash-based storage technology. With the OCZ Onyx, you will be able to experience a faster and more durable alternative compared to traditional hard drives without breaking the bank. How does the Onyx fare, you ask? More details are available after the jump.

Priced under the $100 mark, you will be pleased to know that a single Benjamin will be able to bring you 32GB of storage space on SSD format, delivering an enhanced computing experience where you will be able to enjoy superior application loading, snappier data access, a much shorter boot up time as well as prolonged battery life. All Onyx SSDs will feature hard drive dominating access times, capable of touching 125MB/s for read speeds as well as 70MB/s for write speeds, as it is aided by 64MB of onboard cache as well as a special performance optimization capability that helps keep the drives running at peak performance over a long period of time.

Each OCZ Onyx SSD drive will come in a durable yet lightweight housing, and due to the fact that SSDs do not contain any moving parts, these drives are way more rugged compared to traditional hard drives, so you don’t have to have your heart stop each time you bang or drop your computer by accident, wondering whether the precious data stored within will fall victim to a bad sector or not. We only have one gripe about this though, and that is the rather small capacity in which it comes in. Seriously, 32GB isn’t going to cut the mustard for most folks these days, so this will probably see action on netbooks for folks who want a faster boot up time, while relying on a portable hard drive for storage solutions. You get 1.5 million hour mean time between failure (MTBF) with the OCZ Onyx alongside a 3-year warranty – now how about that!

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