Wireless Remote Controlled Outlet

by Ally

If you don’t have enough remotes to lose as it is, now you can have a kit that’ll give you one more.  Sure, it’ll be helpful so long as you can manage to keep track of the remote.  Otherwise you’ll just have more spots to walk to and push buttons to turn everything off.  Since there are a lot of apartments that lack overhead lighting, this is a quick solution so that you don’t have to go around the room turning off various lamps.

The kit comes with a total of 3 outlets that will accommodate one gadget a piece.  The down side is that they look like they could eat up your outlet space.  On the up side though, it’ll simplify turning off and on electronics.  On the remote you can choose which of the specific outlets to flip off or on.  You can purchase the 3-Pack Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch for $19.96 through Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid

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