GPS Travelogue for world travelers

If you like to keep track of your travels, this small device is the way to do it.  It’s small enough to keep in your pocket and it will keep track of your journey, wherever you end up.  Then you can upload the information to your computer and have the information to cherish for all time.  It’d be great for parents sending their children off to travel in foreign countries.

It has 64MB of internal memory and can hold up to 260,000 waypoints.  You can set it to record points between one second and 59 minutes.  It has a durable water-resistant frame that’ll allow it to survive in different environments.  When you charge the small gadget for 2 hours it’ll give you 30 hours of use at one-second intervals.  After you’ve tracked all of those points you can upload the information to Google Earth.  You can purchase the GPS Travelogue for $149.95 through Hammacher.

Source: Ubergizmo