ExiTool: For those who fear being snagged by the seatbelt

by Mark R

I have a mother that cannot stand watching films where the main characters drive into water. I think she has an irrational fear of drowning in a car, and films that show characters caught in their seatbelt don’t help. In all honesty, I have no idea if a car’s seat belt will malfunction like that if it hits the water, but if you have this same fear as my Mom, you might want to get the ExiTool.

The ExiTool is what its mixed name implies, a tool that gives you an exit. It is designed to affix permanently to the seat belt strap itself, and be there when it is needed. I am assuming that needed is the day when your seat belt jams when you don’t want it to. You have a device with a blade that will allow you to cut yourself out, and you can make your escape.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve not certain if a seat belt will malfunction in water. I thought the whole point of a seatbelt is to keep us safe. You know, “seat belts save lives”. This was drilled into me during Driver’s Education. I remember one film that showed a cop or medical guy (I don’t remember) say “I never pulled a dead body out of a seat belt”.

But hey, it might be just that little bit of precaution that you need or want for just $27. It also has an LED light as well.


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