Sony Fusion is a desk for the future, needed now

by Mark R

Clearly, we are going to live in an age where “technology” and “furniture” will be synonymous. For example, if you have a couch or a bed, then it had better be set up with an Internet radio and vibrating feature. If you have a coffee table, then it had better be a Microsoft Surface.

Or, if you have a small desk, then that table will have a hidden computer. This is the Sony Fusion, which has a surface that opens up to reveal a workstation with an adjustable screen and touch sensitive keyboard.

In addition to these features, it has a DVD drive as well as an LED outlined keyboard. It certainly looks like it could easily be a desk in the classroom of the future. As it is, classrooms of the present need something like this now. Yes, that is a slam on the education of today. I suppose that One Laptop Per Child is supposed to apply to those who live in underfunded schools like those in America.

I’m not certain when Sony is planned to go into any production, but it should be available in three different colors of blue, white, and red. Hey, just what a school needs to match its school colors. Of course, these desks cost $3,000 each, so maybe a private school could afford this.


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