Lunar Car Solar Robot Kit

by Ally

If you can’t get enough of robots, here’s another kit to help you build your very own that won’t cost you a bunch of money in batteries.  This simple little robot will give you something to play with on your desk while you’re probably supposed to be doing something else.  That always seems to be the best time to play with desktop friendly toys.  This kit can be built by yourself or you can enlist the help of a kid, although perhaps they should be a little older due to small parts.

The solar powered kit will teach you how to build a gearbox and also how automatic transmissions and motors work.  It comes with push-out pre-cut balsa wood pieces.  You’ll also be making a simple wiring circuit with a solar panel, battery, motor and switch.  Once it’s all put together you can use a flip switch to choose between using the power from the battery or the solar panel.  You can purchase it for £19.12 or about $29 through Ecotopia.

Source: Envirogadget

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