O Kitchen designed for portability, small spaces

by Mark R

This particular gadget is known as the O Kitchen, a concept device created by a team of Brazilian designers. I suppose it is named the O Kitchen because it can fold up into a large ball. Yet without a hole in the middle, I wouldn’t call it an “O”. I guess they didn’t like the name “Ball Kitchen”. I’m not even going to allude to what that sounds like.

This O Kitchen was designed to be an easily portable and compact kitchen, presumably made for those who don’t have the space for a big kitchen. Of course, this takes up some space too. Find out what all the numbers mean after the jump.

Each of the number corresponds to a different feature on the O Kitchen: 1) Unified microwave and electric oven; 2) Refrigerator; 3) Dishwasher; 4) Cooktop; 5) Smell and steam exhaust; 6) Lighting; 7) Control panel with internet access, MP3 player function, CD/DVD reader, digital cookbook, kitchen management software, built-in sound system; 8 ) Cabinets; 9) Automatic disposal system; 10) High temperature alert display.

I can see another use for the O Kitchen: outdoors. Why bother taking the grill to a tailgate party when you can just roll the O Kitchen in the back of the pickup truck? Of course, you’re probably going to have to bungee it down somehow so it doesn’t roll out on a sudden stop.


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Jason from Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Says: April 7, 2010 at 8:53 pm

This post is pretty cool! I think the o kitchen would be great for camping, Or in a studio apartment.

RefacingKitchen-Cabinets .com

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