BoostApak lets a child carry his or her own booster seat

One of the first thing that any parent learns is how to set up a booster seat, and how to plan when your toddlers have to move from car to car. Unfortunately, most booster seats are hard and bulky, and not easy to shift around at all. I once had to take a rental car back with my son in it, and then had to walk home holding the booster seat. I’ve had more pleasant walks.

Fortunately, BoostApak have not only figured out a way to fold up a booster chair into a convenient backpack, and they have designed it so the child is the beast of burden for it. I suppose that “beast of burden” is a cruel term, but considering that most parents get the job of carrying way too many things, it is good that the BoostApak has made their device to be put on little kids’ backs. There are times when kids actually want to help out their parents, and this would be a good way to get them involved.

The BoostApak is designed to ergonomically fit, or “to protect growing spines and encourage better posture”. It is good for children ages 4 to 11. You should be able to get the BoostApak sometime in April, but there doesn’t seem to be a price. I believe that it’s release will be only in the UK, for now.