Auto and USBoombox Set

by Ally

Instead of purchasing a flash drive all by its lonesome, buy a friend for it too.  Now thanks to KidRobot, you can have a friendly companion for your smiling USB drive.  After all, you can’t always be around for the USB drive, eventually you have to sleep or even pay attention to real people.  For those times, you have have Auto.  He’s a little man with a cassette tape for a head.  What more could you ask for in a friend for your flash drive?!

Sure, Auto doesn’t do anything but dutifully listen to the USBoombox yammer on and on about their day.  At least he’ll never repeat what the flash drive tells him.  He’s just not a big talker.  Now the flash drive, he’ll store away 1GB of your data.  All the while looking like nothing more than a Vinyl toy.  USBoombox also comes with his own personal soundtrack that you’ll only know what it is if you purchase him.  You can purchase the set for $60.

Source: ChipChick

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