Antro unveils new Solo electric hybrid prototype


Maintaining a really huge army could prove to be extremely expensive, as the US found out the hard way. Not only do you have to spend a whole lot of your GDP percentage each year to bolster your defences, there is the issue of making sure the army has enough oil, or black gold, to keep its machineries working and combat-ready at all times. Well, how does that affect ordinary folks like you and I? We too, use vehicles that rely on petrol to keep them going, so what happens when there isn’t enough of that stuff to keep the world moving? Guess it pays to invest in electric vehicles from now on, eh? Antro aims to make a name for itself with the new Solo electric hybrid prototype that ought to hit the market by the time 2012 rolls around, where it will rely on the muscle-power of driver and passengers alongside a hybrid fuel/electric engine.

After all, there seems to be more and more cars making their way to the homes of many people around the world, simply because cars have gotten more affordable while the general standard of living has also increased. This won’t solve the fuel problem as well as environmental issues that come with it, which is why what Antro is doing is extremely commendable. This fuel-efficient three seater will see the driver flanked on either side by a passenger, and all three are required to literally pull their own weight by propelling the Solo Light using pedals in front of them.

This prototype design relies on a light magnesium alloy/carbon fiber frame and body construction, where it features electric assist for when the occupants tire or the driver is alone. Incorporation of photovoltaic cells on the roof itself will power the electric hub motors at each wheel during those sunny days, although this is but in the pipeline at the moment. Its designers are working to install a fuel engine to give a longer range than the 12 miles or so that the electric motors currently provide. Fuel efficiency is stated to be somewhere in the region of 150 miles per gallon, hitting top speeds of a suprisingly fast 87mph.

Source: Gizmag

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Ben Says: March 9, 2010 at 9:31 am

Correction: “that affect ordinary folks like you and I” should be “that affect ordinary folks like you and me”

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