Ambientech SolarFan and SolarFold

by Ally

Solar panels being used as back up chargers are nothing new.  However, there are still a great deal of us that don’t have one.  Be it due to lack of funds, not enough justification or even just not finding a design that fits your life.  If you’re still just looking around to find that right fit for your gadget addiction, here are two more solar chargers from Ambientech.  There is the SolarFold, as well as the SolarFan.  Both of which would work just fine to keep all of your small gadgets up and running.

Apparently these are the first of their kind, at least in one aspect.  They are the first to use light-gathering spherical solar cells.  Now whether or not that gives them enough of an edge above the competition to get you to hop up and purchase one is debatable.  At the very least it’s nice to have a couple of different options on how these chargers open up.  The SolarFan comes with a special tripod and both of them come with a carrying case.  They became available last week and cost 22,050 yen or about $244.

Source: Ubergizmo

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Nammi Says: June 1, 2010 at 11:21 pm

How can I order this gedget?

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