Stanley Construction Jobsite Radio

by Ally

Gadgets have to be capable of withstanding the conditions that we regularly find ourselves within.  For some, those conditions are not exactly mild and it’s always nice when your favorite music can go with you.  This Stanley radio is meant for the harsher conditions, specifically for those that do a lot of manual labor.  It could stay in a shop or a construction site and you wouldn’t have to worry as much about it getting damaged.

The radio comes with a cage around it, that’ll hopefully help it survive being knocked around.  One thing that is a little troubling is that it’s not mentioned whether or not it’s resistant to things like dust and water.  I would like to hope that they just forgot to include that information, but that seems like a pretty big slip up.  The radio does have AM/FM capabilities, as well as being USB and SD compatible.  Then to finish it off it also is capable of working with your MP3 player.  It has a digital LCD display and an AUX input.  You can purchase the radio for $52.49 through Tools Now.

Source: UberReview

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