Hands on with the iOmega iConnect

by Mark R

I received the iOmega iConnect last Monday, and it is very hard to write about it without comparing it to the Pogoplug that I covered a few weeks ago.

The iConnect does essentially the same thing as the Pogoplug as it is able to bring USB storage into one’s home network.

You can see the iConnect in the photo as the black box that all the other hard drives are plugged into. The iConnect can be set up in seconds wirelessly with its included router cable and software. When it is plugged into the wall, four USB thumb drivers or even hard drives can be plugged into it.

The user can then access his or her files from these drives from anywhere there is an Internet connected computer.

Yes, that is the Pogoplug in a nutshell, but the iOmega iConnect has some features that the Pogoplug does not. For example, the iConnect has a UPnP DLNA Certified AV Media Server to stream photos, audio content and videos to a variety of media devices. It also has Time Machine support for Apple users.

Did I mention that the iOmega iConnect is cheaper than the Pogoplug? You should be able to get the iConnect on the company site for about $99, which is about $30 less than the Pogoplug.

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