Hydrofloor, for when you want to hide your pool

I think I have only seen devices like the Hydrofloor in movies. They are usually used by eccentric rich villains who have a scheme to make yet even more money, and their lair changes appearance at the touch of a button to display their nefarious plan.

However, this Hydrofloor is much more useful. Imagine if you own a home (a very expensive one) and you want a have a big ballroom and an indoor pool in the same room. The Hydrofloor is there for you, decreasing the floor until it is deep enough for the water. It even has some stairs. I have no information about where the water goes, or how long it takes to transition from floor to pool, and back again.

I also don’t know how much a fully installed Hydrofloor would cost, but according to the manufacturer, it is “nearly invisible”. In other words, a guest in your home could hit the wrong button and get a real surprise.

Personally, I think this would be a terrific for Aquaman. You know, if he ever tried to live a secret identity like his buddies Bruce and Clark. This could be a problem if he ever brought a lady home and she discovered the Hydrofloor.

“Oh my gosh, you’re Aquaman, aren’t you?”

Now there’s a scene from the Aquaman movie you don’t want to see.


2 thoughts on “Hydrofloor, for when you want to hide your pool”

  1. This is what Cirque d’Soleil uses in their “O” show in Las Vegas – within a minute their entire pool in which they are doing aquatics becomes a floor on which they continue to perform

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