USB Easter Egg Lights

by Ally

Well, Valentine’s Day has passed and we’re onto the next holiday.  It wouldn’t be a holiday if it didn’t come with a few ridiculous gadgets that you never knew you needed.  These USB lights might just look like over-sized Christmas lights, but they are in fact brightly colored Easter eggs.  I have a sneaking suspicion that they probably pass them off as Christmas lights when it’s December though.

These lights come in a cluster of 8 and are filled with shiny LED lights.  Each one of those LED lights is capable of changing into 12 different colors.  Just plug it into your USB port and away it’ll go.  It’s pretty basic stuff.  Just keep checking on USB Brando and you’re bound to own a USB gadget for every random holiday out there.  You can purchase the set for $13 through USB Brando.

Source: GeekAlerts

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