SanDisk G3 SSD now available


SanDisk is well known for its range of flash memory products, and this time round their latest efforts has resulted in the SanDisk G3 Solid State Drive (SSD) which is being shipped to retailers on both sides of the pond – North America and Europe. The flash memory-based SanDisk G3 SSD will be able to offer a compelling alternative to a 7,200 RPM Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for many customers, regardless of whether you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, an IT manager who is looking to improve the performance of your company’s machines, or basically anyone who wants to ensure that their data storage device comes with increased durability and performance with high reliability round-the-clock.

Take the flagship 120GB SanDisk G3 SSD for example – it boasts an unprecedented long term reliability which allows it to endure up to 80 terabytes (TB) of data written to it over its lifetime. This is made possible thanks to its smart flash management system known as ExtremeFFS technology which enables the SSD to accelerate random write performance, resulting in an extended endurance of SanDisk G3 SSD when used in computers running on operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7. Since the SanDisk G3 SSD does not rely on moving parts, durability is improved which helps resist drive damage. SanDisk has also ensured that its G3 SSD is backed by rigorous shock and vibration testing procedures, and hence are confident enough of offering a 10-year limited warranty which is one of the best-in-class quality assurance that could only come from a trusted leader in flash memory.

Performance-wise, the SanDisk G3 SSD is no slouch as it opens files up to twice as fast as a 7,200 RPM HDD, letting you enjoy speedier boot up times as well as overall improved system responsiveness. Capable of hitting a sequential performance of up to 220 megabytes per second (MB/sec) read speed and up to 120MB/sec write speed, you might want to consider the SanDisk G3 SSD as your next computer upgrade option since it helps reduce maintenance requests associated with disk drive failure. The 120GB version is going for $399.99, but if you don’t need that much space (or are on a tight budget), then you can pick up to 60GB model for $229.99.

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