Pentax W90 Rugged Waterproof Digital Camera

Not everywhere that you take pictures is the safest environment out there.  Especially for those of you that enjoy hiking or the even more dangerous, rock climbing.  With either task you run the risk of dropping the camera in water or mud.  Then there’s that whole accidentally dropping it off of a cliff.  Still, having a camera in those conditions can get you some really cool pictures.  Thankfully some gadgets were created to be able to handle anything we can.  This Pentax is one of them, it may not like being dropped off of a cliff, but it could handle all of the water and mud that you dish out.

The camera is shockproof up to 4ft, which isn’t much.  It does mean that it won’t be horribly harmful to it if it falls out of your pocket though.  The best part is that it’s waterproof up to 20 feet under water.  One of the other big perks is that it has a ring of LED lights around the lens to help with low light types of situations while you’re taking photos or capturing a little video.  Beyond that it has 12.1MP, 5x zoom, 720p movie recording, and HDMI port, 16:9 LCD and image stabilization.  For those of you that enjoy close up shots of tiny things, it also has a digital microscope mode that allows for it to focus on items as close as 1cm from the lens.  Each one of these will cost you $330.  Which is a lot of cash, but it’s a pretty common price for a rugged waterproof camera.

Source: Crunchgear

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