The Lightsaber USB Drive

If you’re looking for something a little more awesome to store your small files on, thankfully Think Geek is always there to rescue you.  Instead of going after some gray USB drive, get something that’s modeled after one of the most famous fictional weapons.  Sure, it won’t be full sized and it won’t hurt anyone, much less kill them.  It will at the very least make sure to keep your data safe though.

This tiny lightsaber will only hold 1GB of your documents, so you’ll have to be selective about what goes on the drive.  To use them you just plug them into the USB port like every other drive out there.  Once you do plug it in, the lightsaber will begin to glow.  This is another gadget that Think Geek has managed to get imported from Japan.  You can purchase it for $19.99.

Source: SlipperyBrick