GE Outdoor Motion Activated Adapter

Although it’s nice to have a light that will automatically kick on instead of you having to feel for a switch, no one really wants to mess with wiring.  If you’re one of the many that doesn’t actually want to install a whole new light, there’s this GE adapter that just attaches to your existing light.  You could use it anywhere for anything from a convenient light while you’re trying to unlock your front door to relying on it as a security light.

The motion detector will sense your movement and then stay on for only 1 minute or even 10 minutes.  It can detect movement from up to 50 feet away at angles up to 100A.  It has an automatic activation switch for day and night operation.  In order to keep it powered the motion sensor requires a 9V battery.  You can purchase it for $23.56 through Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid