Philips Sustainable City Lights concept project

What you are seeing here is the Sustainable City Lights concept project from our friends at Philips.

Yes, Philips has given us many terrific products in the past few decades, and I cannot help think that this one seems really obvious.

You see, our streets just have to be lit at night, right? Of course, these streetlights have to be powered by something, so why not the power of the sun? Well, for one thing, streetlights only come on at night.

However, streetlights don’t do much during the day except make themselves vulnerable to an ever-abundant energy source known as the sun. Therefore, I see absolutely no reason why streetlights can’t just have solar panels on streetlights that absorb energy during the day so they can be used at night.

Of course, I am certain there has to be something with my logic, or else we would be doing this already. Perhaps you can’t get that much power during the day to last you through the night, especially when there are times of the year when the days are shorter.

Of course, I’m speaking as someone who might not know any better. I hope Philips work out the kinks that I am thinking of associated with this particular project.


2 thoughts on “Philips Sustainable City Lights concept project”

  1. Solar-powered street lights, but as pictured with one glaring problem. Any light released from a street light in any direction but downwards toward the street is light and money $$$$$ wasted. Probably in the vicinity of 2/3rds of the municipal budget for street lighting, never small change.
    Plus it contributes to the city glare that has deprived so many people of an opportunity to see the night skies.

  2. Brilliant idea but why bother with all the batteries and energy storage when you should be able to feed it back into the power grid during the day, offsetting its usage during the night. 🙂 this would bring more benefits, cheaper installation and lower maintenance cost to name a few.

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