Pentax K-7 Limited Silver edition digital camera


Pentax’s K-7 digital camera isn’t something that is new to the market, as it was released a while ago but the folks over at Japan decided that a splash of silver is always welcome, hence the Pentax K-7 Limited Silver edition digital camera. As with any device which falls under the limited edition category, you can be sure that quantities will be limited, and the same applies to the Pentax K-7. It will be limited to a mere 1,000 sets worldwide, so collectors as well as hobbyists who want something different or special might want to give this Limited Silver edition run a go, otherwise picking one up in the second hand market or on an online auction site is going to cost you much, much more sometime down the road. Let us take a look at this rehash of a summer 2009 digital camera in greater detail right after the jump.

This special-edition model isn’t just about cosmetic changes, as it comes with several features that distinguish it from the original black-colored Pentax K-7, where among it includes a silver-colored body and a “golden section ratio” focusing screen. The silver used is identical with the color of the high-performance FA Limited interchangeable lens series, a family of lenses which was specially designed to offer the highest level of image description. Apart from that, the K-7 Limited Silver also stands out from the crowd due to its color, and is the perfect stylistic match for any FA Limited-series lens. You get the SR (Shake Reduction) lettering in gold color located in the lower segment of the body, where it stands out against the black-colored, leather-like finish.

As for the exclusive “golden section ratio” focusing screen, this allows the photographer to swiftly and effortlessly compose a perfectly balanced image. Its LCD display on the camera’s back panel receives additional protection against knocks and scratches thanks to a reinforced glass plate that is highly shock- and scratch-resistant. Pentax has also made sure that its camera firmware has been upgraded to the latest version (Ver. 1.03), heping make the camera’s lens compensation function operable with the FA Limited-series lenses. No idea on pricing, but it should cost a premium over the regular K-7.

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