Alphie gets an upgrade

Some of you might remember Alphie, a toy from the 80s that used to be advertised by Joan Lunden. (Just be glad I couldn’t find a video of that ad on YouTube, or you would know the meaning of death by sugary kindness!)

Alphie was a toy that used index cards and buttons to teach math, colors, as well as other basic skills. I believe that if the tyke got the question right, Alphie’s clown face would light up.

It would appear that Alphie has received an update, but a less colorful face. Now he has an LCD for his eyes, and can thus do a lot more facial expressions than ever before.

I’m not certain what would happen if your child gets the right answer. Perhaps the eyes will look happier. By the way, if you were going to make the eyes on an LCD screen, then you should have put the mouth on the screen as well.

Oh, Alphie also knows how to talk, but I don’t think he is programmable. He still requires the index cards instead of software upgrades, and the buttons still remain. At least they are round and more button-like.

This appeared at the Toyfair at Hasbro’s booth, but it won’t be available until Fall for $39.99. Alphie includes 30 double-sided index cards that have over 350 questions and challenges.


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