Tab The Power Strip

by Ally

There have been a few different ways to label cords to make it easier for you to unplug gadgets when they’re not in use.  This gadget will make it easier for you to know which plug goes with which gadget.  Plus it will make it a whole lot easier to unplug your different gadgets.  Plus you can pick and choose just how many outlets you want on the power strip.

If this weren’t a concept design, you would get to choose which stickers you want and how many of the cubes you’d like to buy.  Then at a later time you could buy a couple more of the cubes to plug into the rest of the strip.  Just place the stickers with each respective plug.  Then when it’s time to unplug it, instead of tugging on the cord, you just push down on the back of the plug.  Unfortunately this is still a concept, so you won’t be able to purchase these just yet.

Source: GadgetLab

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