Johnny Jolter Power Plunger


Are you fed up of little kids not listening to your instructions on keeping the toilet bowl free of candy wrappers and other stuff other than toilet paper? Well, chances are you would then have had experience with using a plunger, sapping up much of your strength in the process. Why not give the Johnny Jolter Power Plunger a go instead to help you out in this unsavory job? The Johnny Jolter Power Plunger retails for $29.98, and since it is made out of plastic, we would recommend you go easy on the strength as it might break in a moment of enthusiasm. Guess this is something that won’t last more than a few years, since we know that plastic tends to become brittle after some time.

Johnny Jolter takes power plunging to the next level Unclog even the most troublesome with 25 pounds of pressure. Water drawn into the jolter is injected forcefully back towards the clog, restoring flow. The flexible bowl adapter fits virtually all drain styles. Ergonomic design of handle and support arm for smooth, clean and comfortable operation.

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