Bar Craft Wine Thermometer


Wines are extremely delicate drinks, and they ought to be stored at the perfect temperature if they were to retain their exquisite taste. Well, the Bar Craft Wine Thermometer certainly helps your cause if you have no clue as to what the mercury level is at at the moment – this device will position itself like a facehugger on your wine bottle’s neck similar to a cork or bung, helping seal the bottle with its metal probe located inside your bottle, giving you the exact core temperature within half a minute. Armed with such knowledge, you will be able to correct the current temperature if necessary, letting you enjoy the bottle at its best. To make things easier, simple indicators for red, white or champagne make it a snap to use. The Bar Craft Wine Thermometer goes for £6.99.

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ForumSiders – Johnny Says: July 12, 2010 at 8:03 am

Haha, It’s great to see that they keep developing new technology such as this for us to use.

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