Photo and Negative Scanners

For those of us who still have a vast archive of memories in the form of film and negatives, the Photo and Negative Scanners might just come in handy. It helps save you a ton of dough from professionals who scan your pohotos into a digital archive format, as you can now do-it-yourself. These are one-touch 5.1-megapixel scanners that make it a snap to digitize all of your favorite memories – all you need to do is slip in the relevant photos, negatives or slides and it will get to work straight away, allowing you to make backups of those onto an external hard drive or even upload them (after conversion) to Facebook or other social networking sites. There are two models to choose from – PICS 2 PC and PICS 2 SD, where the former retails for £119.99 while the latter goes for £139.99, with images transferred over to a computer and SD card, respectively.