iPod Lava Docking Station

by Ally

One thing I really didn’t see coming was an iPod dock combined with a lava lamp.  I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me.  It seems like everyone is trying to combine iPod docks in strange new ways, so a lava lamp is only the next logical step.  It’ll make this dock a hit within any frat house and any teenager’s bedroom.  If you’re into lava lamps this would make it possible to stare at a glowing blob while you listen to your favorite music.

This dock is compatible with all iPods except for the iPod Touch, so if you have an older iPod you’re in luck.  It has a total of 8 docking station insert adapters to allow for the different sizes.  The dock will charge up your iPod all the while you get to enjoy the LED light show.  The light show itself will phase along with the music, from changing colors to pulsing along with the beat.  You can purchase the docking station for £69.99 or about $100

Source:  CraziestGadgets

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