General Imaging unveils Create by Jason Wu line of digital cameras

General Imaging (GIC), an exclusive licensee of GE branded digital cameras, recently announced that they have a brand new “Create by Jason Wu” line which was the result of a year-long exclusive collaboration with one of today’s leading fashion designers, Jason Wu. This collaboration is the reason behind the unique collection of point-and-shoot cameras, where Create points toward a technical evolution in how consumers snap photos, complete with simplicity as the bottomline while introducing Jason Wu’s timeless style and luxurious detailing to the world of digital cameras. Those who are interested in the Create collection will be able to choose from a wide range of custom metal and leather colors that are hand picked by Wu himself.

The Create line will seamlessly blend Wu’s rich sense of style with the latest camera technology, where one will be able to enjoy one-touch operation when it comes to video recording, snapping photos as well as photo deletion, doing away with the need for navigating through a bunch of menu levels and screens. Apart from that, compatibility and connectivity issues are also relegated to the past with Create, since the camera itself comes with built-in memory and has a retractable USB plug that makes it a snap to transfer and view photos and videos over a compatible device such as a notebook or desktop, heck, you can even hook it up to a TV if your TV supports USB connectivity. Create comes with pre-loaded software that allows automatic backup and playback of pictures and video on computers, while playing nice with iPhoto for those running on Macs.

Create by Jason Wu will ship with 4GB of internal memory as standard, featuring 12-megapixels of resolution, 3X Zoom and 2.7” LCD display, retailing for all of $179.99. Folks who want more space can always look out for the 8GB model which is going for $229.99. Would be nice to see the ability to augment its internal memory with a memory card slot of sorts though. Create metal colors comprise of white, black, gold, red, yellow, blue and green, while folks who prefer to sport leather can choose from white, black and gray colors.

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