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HP, the world’s top computer maker, has just introduced five more point-and-shoot digital cameras alongside a trio of camcorders for the masses, where they will come with a range of features including LCD displays, up to 5X optical zoom and fashionable colors. Among the digital cameras and camcorders on offer, selected models will boast touchscreen LCD displays for that added touch of modernization. With a new intuitive user interface to make things even more idiot proof than ever before, you will also find that a high color contrast does a whole lot in helping one experience better visibility when browsing through menus and faced with a choice of more than 25 scene modes to snap the best quality images possible.

Take for instance when you select a scene mode – the display will show off a couple of images, where one is how the photo will look in auto mode while the other depicts how it looks in the selected scene mode. This offers one the ability to make the best shooting choice possible thanks to this smart preview option, but it ought to cause a hit on one’s battery life in the long run, not to mention being slower in snapping photos since you will need to do a double take each time round. As for the premium HP CW450t and HP PW460t point-and-shoot digital cameras, they come with a 2.7″ and 3″ LCD touchscreen displays, respectively, alongside a newly designed touch interface, sharing a 4X optical zoom and SDHC memory cards. You will need to fork out $109 for the CW450t, while the PW460t is going for $149.

As for the newest HP touchscreen digital camcorders, the V5061u and V5560u will come with easy-to-view 3″ LCD touchscreen displays, 1,080p high-definition (HD) recording and motion-detection capabilities. Not only that, the V5560u goes one up with 5X optical zoom and a lithium-ion battery, while the V5061u relies on the SDHC memory card format to store all of your favorite digital memories. Should the lithium-ion battery remain uncharged, there is always the alternative of shoving in AA batteries to keep the camcorder running. Interested? The V5560u and V5061u will retail for $199 and $169, respectively.

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