Baby Bidou MP3 Player

by Ally

Babies have their fair share of gadgets that most parents have come to find necessary.  Things like baby monitors and even sterilizing lights for their bottles.  One thing that some parents might also find handy is an MP3 player specifically for the baby.  It’s easily debatable that it’s really not necessary for a child that young, but if you like having your baby listen to music then it might make things easier.

For those that use music to soothe or put their baby to sleep, instead of carrying around a CD, you could have this.  Plus you won’t need portable speakers since this has speakers built directly into it.  You can also record your own voice for the infant to hear.  When you’re trying to get your child to fall asleep there is a fade feature that will slowly decrease the volume level.  You can purchase the player for $59.98 or get 1 of 4 of the Brainy Baby files preloaded onto it and pay $63.98 all together.

Source: Crunchgear

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