Duck Billed Platypus USB Drive

They duck billed platypus is such an under loved creature.  Thankfully one seller is finally having mercy on the animal.  Now you can show your platypus loving side with this handy USB drive.  Sure, some people might think it’s silly to carry around a platypus USB drive, but they clearly just don’t know what they’re missing.  This happy creature is perfectly content holding onto even the most dull documents that you need.

Of course it’s only half of a platypus instead of the whole thing.  Instead of having back legs he just has a USB port.  Which is tragic for him, but handy for you.  The drive holds 4GB of the necessary items you need to store within it.  The figurine was hand cut from hard vinyl and is covered in a clear coat of resin to give it some extra durability.  You can purchase it for $35 through Etsy.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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