CubeStormer solves Rubik’s Cubes in ten seconds

I thought I’d give you readers at Coolest Gadgets a Friday treat with the CubeStormer.

The CubeStormer was designed by British engineer Mike Dobson, and it is made up of parts from several Lego Mindstorms sets connected to a computer. It is designed to solve a Rubik’s cube faster than any one of those cubists back in the early eighties.

You can watch the video after the jump, but you can see someone put a 3x3x3 inch Rubik’s cube in it, and it solves it in about twelve seconds. Two of these seconds are just to check its own work, apparently.

I’m guessing that the camera scans all six sides, and then somehow calculates how to spin the cube so it is solved as quickly as possible. I must say that this cube looks very well lubed, as it spins quite quickly. I can’t help but have flashbacks to my Rubik’s Cube days when the cube would spin with a little bit of friction.

Well, it appears that Mr. Dobson had invented his CubeStormer for pure viral video inspiration. It doesn’t look like Lego will be selling any CubeStormer kit any time soon, and I can’t tell how much of the CubeStormer is Lego and how much is some other kind of machine.


1 thought on “CubeStormer solves Rubik’s Cubes in ten seconds”

  1. CubeStormer is a FAKE – watch closely, when hand takes finished cube away from robot you can clearly see that the whole movie is produced backwards! Cube wiggles (settles) before hand touches it. Still quite a feat to build a Lego machine with that sort of dexterity. However, the man’s a fraud!

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