Cherry And Leather Belt Earphones

These earphones don’t just have a cherry pattern printed onto them.  Instead they look like cherries dangling from a stem.  Of course it’s a little easier to tell what they are if you buy the maroon or bright red versions, but the other colors look good too.  Thanks to one Japanese company not only can you get cherries, but Leather Belt Earphones too.  Yes, they are actually shaped like the end of a leather belt.  Not the side with the buckle, but the one with the notches.  Why?  I’m really not sure.

It’s entirely possible there’s a rhyme or reason to the belt earphones, but I sincerely doubt it.  Both versions of the earphones come in 4 different colors.  The cherries you get are white, maroon, red and light pink.  Then the belt you’ll get comprises of brown, black, blue and a very strange shade of yellow.  They’ll go on sale sometime in the middle of next month within Japan.  At that point the aforementioned earphones from Pioneer will cost right around $30.

Source: Crunchgear