The Solar Pool Heater

by Ally

I should have known before I even checked just who this product would come from.  It just screams Hammacher, but somehow I didn’t figure it out till I looked.  This Solar Pool Heater will make sure that you never will have to go diving into an ice cold pool of water.  Instead it’ll stay slightly warmer to keep you from going into shock over the temperature.  Sure, it won’t turn your pool into a giant hot tub, but at least the water won’t initially seem icy.

Thankfully your pool will remain heated purely through the power of the sun.  The heater just attaches to your pool’s pump-operated filtering system.  The water is then warmed by moving through the heater’s coiled black heating system that’s exposed to the sun’s energy.  Those coils measure 20 feet long.  If you don’t like the speed that it warms up the water, you can hook up to four heaters to your pool.  You can purchase these for $199.95.

Source: RGS

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drew Says: February 19, 2010 at 1:51 pm

200 bucks for that? You could DIY it yourself for less than 50 I bet.

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