Ryobi Tek4 AllPlay Job Site Music Player

Listening to music while working construction or doing any other type of manual labor is extremely common.  What’s also common in that area of work is having radios that die off much sooner than they usually would from getting too much dust in it and being dropped repeatedly.  Finding a durable music player isn’t exactly easy.  Thankfully Ryobi is making an attempt to create an MP3 player that can handle tough environments.  That also makes it ideal for those that enjoy camping and hiking.

It has 2 GB of internal memory, which means it’ll store up to 500 songs.  When it’s received a full charge it’ll run continuously for 72 hours.  It’s water, dust and impact resistant, so you are still going to have to be a little careful around water.  To keep it from dropping too often there’s a built-in strong spring loaded clip that can hang onto your belt.  There’s also an armband.  You can purchase one for $69.97 through Home Depot.

Source: OhGizmo