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Are you one who shares the same love for counting as the Count in Sesame Street? Chances are your job will involve plenty of number crunching, either that or you are one who clearly keeps the score on the number of mistakes and wrongs that your other half has done to you over the years. Well, here’s a Cloth Calculator that has a two-fold function – not only does it allow you to arrive at a final figure for whatever calculations you’re doing at the moment, it is also wrapped in a lovely cloth which can be used to wipe off some breadcrumbs from the edge of your mouth after a particularly delicious tea time scone. The Wakaru Sheet Calculator from Tenyu can be folded when not in use, achieving a perfect balance of modern design, cultural aesthetic and simplistic pragmatics.

Source: RGS

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mickey Says: February 18, 2010 at 11:21 am

hey, this is one interesting product, may i know the pricing? i would like to see if there is more designs..??

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