Siemens Zeolith dishwasher saves energy

Take a look at this dishwasher. It certainly is better looking than any dishwasher that I have seen in any house, as it has a beautiful transparent aesthetic quality about it. Yet there is more to this dishwasher than just its looks. In fact, if the Siemens Zeolith dishwasher was the ugliest in the world, I would still want it.

The Zeolith has a design that allows it to recycle the energy of humidity left over from the wash cycle, and it does it with zeolites. What are zeolites? Special moisture absorbing materials that can release stored up heat, not to mention absorbing moisture from the air inside the machine.

So after they absorb the moisture of the air, the three pounds of zeolites in the Zeolith can release that heat into the wash water, which will result in a faster load cycle. All in all, this saves energy, which is very much needed. Because if there is one thing that dishwashers are good at, and shouldn’t be good at, it is raising power bills.

The Seimens Zeolith is “widely available in Europe”, but I don’t think that there is any place to purchase it in the United States. For some reason, my source does not have a price.


1 thought on “Siemens Zeolith dishwasher saves energy”

  1. Saves energy – that is so bogus. It’s just bad english. Is it solar powered?
    It may be safe to say that it uses less energy and less resources but you are STILL SPENDING energy.

    …and if anything here will be saving me money then it better be free (LOL).

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