Pet Acoustics Speaker

There are all different types of pet owners out there.  For those that like to soothe their pets with the sweet sound of music, this speaker is created with animal ears in mind.  It allows for your pets to listen to music at a comfortable volume for their sensitive ears.  This speaker created by Pet Acoustics and is helpful with dogs, cats and even horses.

It seems a bit strange to throw horses into the mix too, but if you have dogs, cats and horses around it might help to soothe their nerves.  The stable base is meant to keep pets from knocking the speaker over.  It’s compatible with the Pet Acoustics iPhone Application for you iPhone owners.  Actually the speaker might work great in pet shelters or other places where animals are packed into small areas.  You can pre-order it now for $249.95 through Pet Acoustics.

Source:  Gizmowatch

3 thoughts on “Pet Acoustics Speaker”

  1. Dam it! I already had this idea, my invention is called the K9 Box which has two giant buttons, one turns on the radio and other turns it off when your dog presses one of the buttons.

  2. I am thinking this is a great idea, however, would you go to that expense when your dog probably wants to listen to your music rather than his/her own music?

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