Hasbro Flying Millennium Falcon

Flying the Millennium Falcon is a childhood dream for many.  All different generations have become serious fans of the famous ship.  Well now you can fly your very own – sure it won’t be making it into space anytime soon, but you can fly one.  You’ll just have to stay on the ground and watch it float through the air.  It’s pretty close to the next best thing.

This flying machine is intended to be used indoors and measures 11 inches long by 8 inches wide.  You can take this detailed flying machine for a spin through your living room and control it through the rechargeable controller.  The controller and vehicle’s respective batteries allow you to fly for up to five minutes at a time.  It probably won’t be the fastest flying machine out there, but it’ll at least get you a little entertainment.  It’ll be available this fall and at that point will cost $49.99.

Source: Geekologie