Addictaball offers new puzzle for brainacs


Folks who love nothing better than a good puzzle to wind down after a hard day’s work will find the Addictaball to be a decent alternative, as it comes in a small and large version to cater to different needs (at different prices, of course). This handheld game is not battery powered (now that’s a change!), which means you won’t get any fancy sound effects or flashing lights to go along with it. Despite the lack of all that pizzazz, it is still able to keep your gray matter more than happy. The concept of Addictaball involves twisting, turning and tilting this transparent orb in various directions so that you can guide a small metal ball through the 3D maze of platforms, holes and spirals which are suspended within. Guess anyone with shaky hands might want to give this a miss! Firebox is carry both the small and large versions for £6.99 and £11.99, respectively.

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