The Stackable Water Bottle

This is one of those designs that’s so incredibly brilliant it makes you feel like a moron.  Honestly, how is it that no one thought of this before?!  Especially companies that have to deal with these bottles on a regular basis.  It’s one thing for an average person to overlook this idea, but it’s surprising that no water cooler companies have come up with this.

The Stackable Bottle would make it possible to stack several bottles on top of each other and save a whole lot of space.  Instead of having to use extra materials to make them stack, everything you’d need would already be built into the bottle.  Plus for those using these at home or in the office, once these are in the water cooler you could use the bottom as a cute vase.  This was designed by Yujin Kim, who hopefully will get companies to switch to this design soon.

Source: OhGizmo

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