Panasonic Portable Neck Massager

It would be nice if you could just carry around a personal masseuse everywhere you go.  One that could drop everything and rub your neck at any time of the day.  It’d be even better if it only cost you one small fee to do this endlessly.  Unfortunately that is slightly unrealistic, but at least Panasonic has come up with a portable neck massager.  We’ll call it a happy medium.

This comes in grey, bright green and even pink.  The pretty little neck massager requires a pair of CR2032 batteries to keep it up and running.  The unfortunate side of the gadget is that it’s through Panasonic’s Japanese division.  As of now it doesn’t appear that this is available anywhere but there.  Hopefully it’ll find its way to other regions of the world though.

Source: Gizmodiva