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It does make us wonder where does the term “a school of fish” come from, but with news of the Fish School arriving, we’re more than excited to see just what is being taught. Apparently, acrobatics ranks high on the list, as this incredible training kit ought to get your fish much more agile compared to just swimming around lazily in the tank.

The kit is an excellent concept that allows you to set up a training regime for your fish. It’s based on a trial and reward scheme, so it’s not much different from training any other animal. There’s an extremely detailed set of instructions and a DVD to help get you started, which is a good thing as there are over ten tricks you can teach your fish, including swimming through hoops and tunnels, slalom, even basketball and football! Once you’ve mastered all of them, who knows what you could get your fishy friends to do? If only there were a MENSA for fish…

At £24.99 each, we doubt anyone has achieved success with any of their finned friends. What do you think?

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