Less Lamp Is Meant To Be Destroyed

by Ally

Once you choose a lamp it’ll sit in your home for several years.  It’ll give you that extra bit of light that you crave in certain areas of your home to make some of your tasks easier, like reading and preparing meals.  Well this lamp will offer light just the same as any other lamp, but you get to choose just how much light you want and which direction you’d like to point it.

You see when you get this lamp it’ll be a perfect little egg shaped piece.  You’ll also receive a pretty mean looking pick.  Then you take the pick and punch either tiny holes in it or just knock off the entire bottom half.  Either way your lamp will be one of a kind.  Of course after you’ve destroyed your perfect egg you’ll still have the knowledge that you paid $875 to get a plaster lamp that you in turn destroyed with a pick axe.  You can find it through the MoMA Store.

Source: Technabob

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