80’s Retro Mix Tape Case for the iPhone

by Ally

Now that the mixed tape is all but extinct, it’s time to drag out the mixed tape themed accessories.  Sure, you probably don’t want to revert back to using old technology, but it’s always fun to have items that remind you of the good old days.  Back when you used to listen to the radio intently just waiting to pounce on that record button to get yourself that new song.  It’s funny how no one cared about illegal copies of music back in those days.  Probably due to the superior sound quality of a mixed tape.

Well now you can wrap your iPhone in vintage technology.  This mixed tape doesn’t say what gooey mix is on it, but the 80’s look is enough to keep anyone satisfied.  This will hold onto your iPhone and various other similarly sized electronics.  As of now this case is sold out within the Etsy seller’s shop.  Hopefully they’ll get a new supply soon.  It looks like if it were in stock it’d cost around $20.

Source: GadgetVenue

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