McCurdy’s Armor is a hard shield that is easily assembled

I’ve never heard of McCurdy’s Armor before, but it is a private contractor who makes armor that assembles like it was an erector set, a very heavy erector set, I would imagine.

The armor can assemble into a 6.5 foot high pillbox formation in about ten minutes, and it requires no tools for assembly. It is probably the safest place to be in Afghanistan and Iraq, as McCurdy’s armor is resistant to bullets, grenades, and even IED (Improvised explosive device) blasts.

By the way, McCurdy’s armor is named after a soldier named Ryan McCurdy who died in 2006. This armor has gun ports and steel plated armor. Let’s hope it saves the lives of future soldiers.

So far, the Marine Corps has ordered 14 of these units, but I don’t think there are any being used out in the field so far. It costs about $800,000 per unit, which is pretty expensive, true, but I’m sure tanks cost a lot more. It sure beats sandbagging, or concrete, or whatever the military is using to shield soldiers these days.

Of course, like that line from Batman Begins, “the government didn’t think a soldier’s life was $300,000 a man”. In other words, there is a limit to how much Defense will pay for defense.